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Completing over 2000 tasks in London each month, our directly employed mobile engineer resources are deployed to meet your service requirements 24/7.

Service level attainment around client criteria in meeting ETAs, first time fix and average invoice values are embedded in our core values together with real time task updates that keep you informed and up-to-date at all times.


Electronic signature capture supports the audit trail of our fully scripted and detailed invoicing against pre-published hourly rates, all-inclusive of London overheads.

Billing based on 15 minute increments after the first hour on site thus facilitating our “best price” promise.

Our engineers quickly gain familiarity with your portfolio thereby creating servicing efficiencies through familiarity with key service elements of individual properties.


All Masterfix engineers are highly experienced in their relevant trade trades skills and often undertake more general maintenance tasks in support of client service and efficiency.

Masterfix have a stable workforce with industry-leading high levels of long term retention.

We operate active training programmes in soft and inter-personal skills; empowering our engineers as true ambassadors of Masterfix.


Masterfix 5 Step Feedback

  1. Acknowledge task instruction, making contact with occupants as necessary
  2. Confirm ETA, updating clients and texting occupants as may be required
  3. Engineer attendance, to complete the task
  4. Confirm task status to the client
  5. Billing per task against agreed rates with fully descriptive invoices

Robust processes are in place to deal with tasks which cannot be completed on 1st attendance. Fully detailed estimates with supporting photos are promptly submitted.

Need a fast service?

Our customer services team based in our central London office, are on hand 24 hours, 365 days and often able to arrange for any trade to attend a property maintenance emergency within the hour!


CALL NOW: 020 7518 8600

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Feedback Messages:

Please thank everyone who has worked here to combat our damp problem.
Patty Johns
You have done a great job! Thank you so much
Jennie - Allsop Lettings
I found Anthony and Cam to be thoroughly professional and I believe them to be a credit to your organisation.
Mr Alex Farmer
...nothing but praise for the work & the professionalism of the painters.
Eric Nassam
Thank you to all your craftsmen for a very professional, patient & nice way in which they did all that they did to transform these offices...
Dave and his employer have been excellent and well behaved. Just nice, solid folk
Frederik Bjorndal
Thanks for all your help on this job, it has been a pleasure working with you and I will keep you in mind for future work.
Tom Galvin

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